Prequel: The First Annual Trips Festival


  1. morningblotter
  2. Three Cars
  3. A Strange Sense of Togetherness
  4. Colours Imagined Beautiful
    a) The Great Carl Society
    b) These First Effects
    c) Hippie Clowns In a Circus
    d) A Three-Way Split
  5. Monday's Bridge
    a) Lysergilunch
    b) An Extra Half-A-Hit
    c) Carl In the Glass
    d) The Power of the Fog
  6. Riding the Waves of Time
  7. Chuck Ives' Greenfog Revolution
    a) Party In Creepytown!
    b) The Ruby and Goldie Show
    c) Dime Store Injun Plus Oinkerfest
    d) Greg's Concrete Jungle Experiment
  8. The Great Escapism
LABEL : Mumble Mumble


May 2011

Dan Susnara
Greg Stomberg


Like any true acid heads, Greg & Dan “regress” on this outing... & if anybody understands sdrawkcab—it's your friendly Rotcod. I reviewed the SECOND part of their trip in issue #108 where it clearly got “high” marks, as you might expect. Greg continues narration of a rather wobbly acid trip & Dan plays masterful guitar as well as contributing vocally, too. In the spirit of strangeness that this set of sets celebrates, you will hear yourself (both) inside & out—even if you've never partaken—the music will reach RIGHT OUT & grab your ears & twist your brain at warp speed... I would strongly recommend that you lock yourself in your bedroom with the blacklight turned on... ZOOM into a whole litany of hippie-talk & trippin´ music that won't stop! If your background (or your foreground, for that matter) has by any chance included the idea that you can “see through” folks to the other side of them... you´ll WANT this CD in your collection. No samples available, but you can get your own copy of the CD by visiting Dan´s website! I give these characters a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED—especially for the headtrip set—and an EQ (Energy Quotient) rating of 4.97.—Rotcod Zzaj

HIROSHIMA YEAH!, Issue #77, September 2011
Like the Star Wars films, Greg Stomberg and Dan Susnara have decided to work backwards on their ‘Annual Trips Festival’ project. This, then, is the follow-up to last year's The 2nd Annual Trips Festival (as reviewed in H.Y.! #64), and it's more true-life tales of what happens when a few friends get together, do a lot of drugs and “trip out”. Greg narrates throughout, providing an understandably loose, relaxed version of events while Dan provides the musical backdrop in an eclectic mix of styles from psych-prog and jingle-jangle to Indian drone and surf with some crazy samples thrown in for good measure. There are some actual SONGS, too, where Dan puts Greg’s poetry to music to fine effect. Sometimes it's a bit reminiscent of Kerouac and his ilk and the overall vibe makes me long for that magical time when you’re a young adult and are just discovering the world around you through the prism of drugs and booze. Like Greg says, “We were young and wasted”. Right on!




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